When Steve Boxx Glass Over TV meet Hardcore Gabber Techno Rave downtown Los Angeles Fall 1997

After having dwelled in from 22h00 to 2h00am Spring Street corner 4th downtown Los Angeles back in Fall 1997, Steve Boxx, aka Magicvan3000 aka DJ-OIFII aka Transparent SPI, made it out of this Hardcore Gabber Techno Jungle Old School RAVE buying a CDROM from this unknown (to me, SPI) International Music Artist and later mashing it up with VJ-OIFII’s 1989-1991 analog visuals once back in beautiful Santa Barbara, California at Marie-Louise’s. I am so glad the making of this video did not generate any 911 calls, ’cause very loud was this music played during a whole afternoon. Great thanks to Youtube’s algorithm for identifying the Music Artist from this push. Music Artist seems to be The Dark Raver and the album possibly Intelligent Hardcore.

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